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Welcome to our online store dedicated to elevating your vibration. Whether you're supporting your wellness practice or seeking relaxation, clarity, tapping into your intuition, or nurturing your spiritual connection, our resources are here for you every step of the way. Feel free to explore our track selection and tune into the healing essence of music, conscious breathing, and meditation:

  • Rejuvenate your body and mind

  • Manage your emotions

  • Get better sleep

  • Feel more energized

  • Create a sense of inner balance

  • Ease anxiety and depression

  • Break free from addiction

  • Tap into your creativity

  • Discover deeper meaning and satisfaction

  • Build healthier habits for lasting well-being

  • Cultivate empathy and understanding

  • Deepen your relationships

  • Feel the moment


This 3-week program draws inspiration from the transformative Soma Breath 21-day Awakening Course. It focuses on slowing down your breathing rate to improve your health and liberating your mind from repetitive patterns. Through tailored breathing exercises, hypnotic guidance, and healing frequency music, these audio tracks lead you to rewire your subconscious and cultivate a fresh sense of empowerment.

Designed with your progress in mind, this program is divided into three powerful modules, each of them to be practiced over 7 consecutive days. With your MP3 download, you will receive a PDF guide giving you step-by-step instructions to make the most of your sessions.


You can add an extra layer of depth to your daily practice by including AUM chanting before your session. This 30-minute grounding breathwork exercise is an effective way to slow down and center yourself.

Personalize your experience and select the option that resonates most with you: purchase each track separately or choose the 3-week program, which includes a complimentary AUM chanting musical journey. 


We created this complete 4-track package to help you leave behind old habits and enter a new chapter of your beautiful life. We can't wait to be a part of your unfolding, Let's do this!

*Once purchased, you gain ownership of the files.




Immence gratitude for sharing this true MASTERPIECE..... YULIA & LASSE a brilliant meditation that touches the very essence of my sentience and being every time I listen to it. The tener of your healing voice and powerful piece of music fill my sentient being with pure truth & profound love. I am forever grateful for sharing this magical meditation with those of us who have been drawn to its existence!



I have been doing Soma Journeys for a while now and submitted my level one teacher training video yesterday, This session is so inspirational. It took me very deep, into an embodied experience of feeling my body's energy vibrating within a temple constructed of galaxies, pulsating and vibrating as I flowed through the doors and merged with the infinite…



I have been doing Soma Journeys for a while now and submitted my level one teacher training video yesterday, This session is so inspirational. It took

me very deep, into an embodied experience of feeling my body's energy vibrating within a temple constructed of galaxies, pulsating and vibrating as I flowed through the doors and merged with theinfinite. So yes, I rather enjoyed that! Nice work Lasse & Yulia



Guess what? It's happening RIGHT NOW, and I couldn't be more excited to share this with all of you! The most epic birthday bash for Niraj is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, and we're all VIP guests! Our incredible SOMA Breath Instructors, Lasse and Yulia, have put together an electrifying pre-recorded session that will seriously blow your mind!



I have no words to express what a once-in-a-lifetime gift this is. Top notch class. Beautiful music and guidance. With this you indicate what a bright future lies open for Soma breath community. If you have participated you realize why you are a member of the community. And if not yet a member you will become one. Thanks!



Hi! I just wanted to tell you,

I experienced your meditation a while back in one of Niraj's BIG hangouts and it is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!! One of my all time favorites!! SOOO inspirational!! THANK YOU for sharing!!!



I enjoyed this pranayama exercise immensely and shared it widely, it epic as you say, the best I've come across since practicing Soma breath since over 2 years, Thank you very much for this gift to the world.



Thank you so much, that was as promised - mind blowing! The music and the guidance were just so so great, I simply can't think of appropriate words... What extraordinary talent!



So much love and gratitude for this masterpiece Yulia and Lasse. I am eternally grateful for being part of this amazing community.



This session was so divine and blissful!

Can already tell this is going to be a favorite. Thank you!!



Powerful Breathwork Session reaching Somadi. With gratitude Lasse, and Yulia, you created space to reach the magic of Somadi. 



Omg!! I just did this replay! What an amazing journey. So grateful for this gift!

Thank you so much!


Book a live Breathwork and Ecstatic Dance event, Sound Healing or Music Production.

If you have any questions or wish to inquire about music licensing, as well as our services such as custom made scripts, recorded voice overs, and music productions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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