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AUM Chanting is a simple yet powerful practice rooted in ancient Indian traditions. The music is tuned to C# at 136.1Hz (A at 432.1Hz), known as 'sadja' in India, the foundational note in sitar and tambura music.


Inhale for 4 counts, chant each of the 3 sounds for 4 counts, repeating 108 times.

AUM symbolizes creation, preservation, and liberation, corresponding to three regions of the body and their glands, influencing our emotions and actions.


Chanting AUM activates these regions:


 • 'A' for the lower region, enhancing creativity. Focus on the pelvic area and feel the resonance.

 • 'U' for the preservation region, centered around the heart. Draw energy upwards and feel the vibration in your heart.

 • 'M' for consciousness, activating the third eye. Direct your vision outward for clarity and change.


Practice AUM chanting daily to embody peace and inner balance.


AUM Chanting 108 - Sonic Spheres

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