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L I V E  E V E N T S  I N  B A R C E L O N A


Welcome to our
Ecstatic Dance and
Breathwork event

Friday 23th Nov.
18:00 CET

Welcome to our ECSTATIC DANCE event page. Our new season of live events in Barcelona takes you on a beautiful journey of ecstatic dance, combined with breathwork and sound healing. Carefully crafted by Sonic Spheres founder and producer DJ Lasse "Illinton" Mosegard and vocalist, musician and breathwork instructor Yulia Blanca.

These live events are designed to help you reconnect with your senses, rediscover the healing potential of your breath, express yourself through uplifting chants, balance your nervous system, and experience the liberating power of ecstatic dance.

Upcoming events:

Saturday 24th. Nov.
Yoga One - San Andreu

DJ set by Lasse 'Illinton' Mosegard, Breathwork Guided by Yulia Blanca

Saturday 2nd. Dec.
Yoga One - Born

DJ set by Lasse 'Illinton' Mosegard, Breathwork Guided by Yulia Blanca

Lasse "Illinton" Mosegard, founder of Sonic Spheres, is an experienced producer, composer, musician, and DJ based in Barcelona. He has produced a wide range of musical genres since the 90's, including Chill-Out, Electronica, DnB, Organic House, Tech/Progressive as well as Film Scores and meditation journeys.

Here’s a few new releases from his London based label “Southside Digital Music” founded with his partner Jeremy Cowan (DJ Digit). This versatile label plans to release an eclectic mix of genres and artists in the coming years.

See you on the dancefloor

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