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We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Optimal Tracker, a new wellness app designed to support and reshape breathwork therapy, meditation, and coaching practices. Optimal Tracker offers real-time feedback, incorporates specialized audio tracks, and simplifies client management, making it a complete tool for both instructors and clients.

Key Features:

  • SPO2 Monitoring: Continuously measures and provides feedback on oxygen levels.

  • Zone-Based Feedback: Alerts users with notifications when entering different oxygen zones.

  • Session Summary: Logs and records time spent in each oxygen zone for easy tracking.

  • Real-time Biofeedback: Utilizes data to offer instant feedback, helping optimize breathing exercises.

  • Integrated Audio Tracks: Provides tailored breathwork and meditation music, available on our website.

  • Comprehensive Coaching Management: Streamlines client management and scheduling.

  • AI-Powered Analysis: Analyzes breathing patterns to give personalized recommendations.

  • Motivational Features: Includes elements to keep users engaged and motivated.

  • Competitive Edge: Employs advanced technology to enhance the effectiveness of instructors.


Find out how Optimal Tracker app can improve your wellness practice and enhance your clients' experience. Please feel free to join our newsletter to stay informed about upcoming updates and features.

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Krisztian Kormany:

Founder, Soma Breath Transformational Coach, Voice Artist.

Breathwork Programs, Science & Research, Coding & App Design.


Lasse Mosegard:

Composer, Producer, Dj & Engineer.

Music Composition & Production, Brainwave & Healing Frequencies Science, Audio Production & Design.


Yulia Blanca:

Voice Artist, Soma Breath Transformational Coach, Writer, Musician

Breathwork Programs, Music Production & Design.

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