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Welcome to our
Mastermind Group
Every Sunday 

16:00 CET

Awakening the Creative Voice is an ongoing Mastermind group that focuses on empowering and developing your creativity.

It is led by Yulia Blanca (SOMA BREATH Instructor and Vocalist) and Lasse Mosegard (Producer, Composer, DJ, and Live Music Performer).


The primary objective of this collaborative work is to provide support and practical tools for each participant to create a product for their audience/customers.

The upcoming 4-week module is all about breath, voice, and vocal recording. By taking part in this module of the program, you will boost your vocal abilities, enhance your confidence, improve communication skills, and learn how to record vocals for your online projects. It is suitable for anyone wishing to explore their creativity by strengthening and presenting their voice as a digital product.

Defining Goals and Tapping into Your Creative Voice

During the initial part of the sessions, we will focus on the following areas :

  • Understanding the Mastermind Group: We will start by introducing the structure and advantages of our mastermind group.

  • Individual Expectations and Goals: You can share your personal expectations and goals with the group. What brought you here, and what do you hope to achieve through this journey?

In the first hour of our sessions we will be setting a base for effective teamwork by presenting the session's material. In the second hour, we will use a traditional mastermind approach, following these steps:


  • Voice Your Goals: Share what you aspire to work on or improve.

  • Define Our Focus: As a group, collaboratively select which goal to tackle together.

  • Collective Problem-Solving: We'll work together to generate solutions and ideas that can benefit everyone facing the challenge.

  • Commit to Action: Towards the end of each session, we'll each commit to taking actionable steps to apply the new ideas, tools, and practices.


Freeing the Voice for
Mind-Body Balance

  • Breaking Down Barriers: We will talk about various practices and exercises aimed at helping you overcome any psychological barriers that may be standing on the way of your vocal expression. This part is designed to build trust with your voice.

  • Understanding the connection between your breath and voice: You'll gain practical tools for conscious breathwork and voice practice. Discover how conscious breathing can help you free your voice.

Technical Set-up and Content Creation

  • In this session Lasse Mosegard will provide an overview of home recording and offer knowledge on how to confidently capture your voice. The meeting aims to equip you with technical know-how to create various types of audio content, such as guided meditations, songs, speaking on podcasts. We cover topics such as equipment, software, and recording techniques. This session also provides an overview of content formats to help you tailor your message to the chosen platform.

Sharing Results

  • In the final session, you can reflect on your vocal and technical improvement and what you've learned during the program. Share your progress and creations with others. This can be a great way to receive support and feedback from like-minded people who are interested in what you do. This collective work may become a platform for collaborating with other group members and creating new projects together. Ultimately, the main goal of this session is to offer you a space that recognizes and celebrates your creative growth, while also encouraging you to continue developing your talents.

What to expect in the year to come

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Format and Pricing

In this program, each module spans one month, comprising 4 weekly sessions. You have the flexibility to participate in a single month module or choose to continue with the group on a month-to-month basis. All sessions in this group are organised in the supportive mastermind format, where group members share their creative challenges, and together, we address and resolve them.

Mastermind Membership


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Next steps

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If you enjoy your experience, continue learning with us on a month-to-month basis.

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Get the most from:
Digital Product Creation Skills, Artistic Development, Improved Confidence, Supportive Environment, Collective Problem Solving, and Connection with Like-Minded People.

Thank You

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